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Mediagallery WKZ missing autotag_ss_jquery.thml

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登録日: 02/28/11
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Hi, Everything is in the title: There is a missing autotag_ss_jquery.thml file in Mediagallery WKZ. Where can I find it? Ben

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登録日: 11/23/06
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Hi, Ben The file in question, must be in the following places. /plugins/mediagallery/templates/autotag_ss_jquery.thtml However, the file was found to be missing. I now intend to support, wait a bit. For letting me know, thanks. dengen

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登録日: 04/07/08
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Everyone! He is Ben of Geeklog France. An author of paypal plugin etc... 皆さん、Geeklog FranceのBenさんです。Paypalプラグインなどの作者の方です。 Ben, welcome to Geeklog Japanese. Your works & contribution are always appreciated by users here as well. kobab

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