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Navman 0.2.1 admin issues

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登録日: 07/15/11
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場所:La Rochelle, France, Europe
Hi, I would like to report some issues I found. I gave Navman admin rights to a user, but on the admin/navman/index.php page a sql occured
PHP Formatted Code

1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND (((owner_id = '3') AND (perm_owner >= 2)) OR ((group_id IN (2,4,31,14,15,16,' at line 1. | File: /geeklog-1.8.0/public_html/admin/plugins/navman/index.php | SQL in question: SELECT * FROM gl_navmmenus  AND (((owner_id = '3') AND (perm_owner >= 2)) OR ((group_id IN (2,4,31,14,15,16,11,13,12,32,24,25,26,28,17,5,9)) AND (perm_group >= 2)) OR (perm_members >= 2))
So near line 1267 I changed :
PHP Formatted Code
    $query_arr = array('table'          => 'navimenus',
                       'sql'            => "SELECT * FROM {$_TABLES['navmmenus']}",
                       'query_fields'   => array('nid'),
                       'default_filter' => COM_getPermSql('WHERE'));
The user can now see the navigation lists but can't edit them as they were created by default with no edit group rights possible. An update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ben

状態: オフライン


Site Admin
登録日: 11/23/06
投稿数: 191
Thanks for the report Ben. Soon I'll upload a fixed version. Smile dengen

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