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Geeklog 2.1.3がもうじきリリース

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登録日: 01/01/04
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Geeklog 2.1.3がもうじきリリースされます。
2.1.2のbug fixとともに、以下のように細かく機能アップされています。
email にHTML形式が使えるようになりました。


- [Feature] Added ability to use SMTPS protocol for sending mail [Ivy] [Tom]
- [Feature] Images in articles can now be styled [Tom]
- [Feature] Admins can now edit more fields of users [Tom]
- [Feature] Plugins can now include profile fields automatically in My Account and User Profile [Tom]
- [Feature] Staticpage Templates now use caching template library. This means logic processing is now possible [Tom]
- [Feature] Autotags can now have a close tag if needed [Tom]
- [Bug] Fix for articles and staticpages if more than one script tag included [Dengen]
- [Bug] Printable pages for Articles and Staticpages links to css fixed [Tom]
- [Bug] Footer Copy Right Name fixed [Ivy]
- [Bug] Spam-X Plugin issues entering items fixed [Tom]
- [Bug] Censor Exact Match improved [Tom]
- [Bug] Links Plugin category links fixed when URL Rewrite is enabled [Mystralkk]
- [Bug] Language Manager search fixed [Mystralkk]
- [Bug] Fixed Blocks Cache Time could not be set to 0 [Tom]
- [Bug] Fixed Portal Blocks being able to use Cache Time [Tom]
- [Bug] Fixed displaying of portal blocks. Removed function COM_rdfCheck from lib-common.php since not needed anymore (uses cache time instead) [Tom]
- [Bug] Fixed script tag issues in staticpages and theme templates [Dengen]
- [Bug] Fixed Comment Submission tooltips when dealing with HTML Entities [Dengen]
- [Bug] Fixed Comment Notification emails when dealing with HTML Entities [Tom]

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